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DIGI Italy's green Christmas: 25 forest tree species planted in Milan

The mobile operator supports SoulFood ForestFarms in the planting of fruit, wood and support trees in the fields of Valle della Vettabbia


DIGI Italy's Christmas will be inclusive and sustainable through the initiative "Let's plant trees together" that the Italian mobile operator has created in collaboration with SoulFood ForestFarms Association, a non-profit organization based in Milan that deals with regenerative agroforestry and collaborates with various third sector entities, institutions, farms and with the University of Milan.

The project, strongly supported by the young DIGI team, led a large group of DIGI Italy employees to contribute to the planting of 25 forest tree species in the fields of Valle della Vettabbia, in Milan, managed by Soulfood Forestfarms Hub Italia srl.

Through corporate social responsibility practices, DIGI Italy supports Soulfood Forestfarm's commitment in achieving the objectives of sustainability and decarbonisation, which are fundamental to economically support the implementation of successional agroforestry systems, aimed at generating local processes of environmental regeneration and social ones.

The direct involvement of the company's employees reflects the participatory approach that characterizes the modus operandi of Soulfood Forestfarms Hub Italia, for which the co-experimentation with the various territorial actors, for new models of development and management of the territory, is a strong point for highly integrated resilient communities in synergy with the host environment.

"We are a young company that believes in a sustainable future, achievable only through commitment and passion for the values in which we believe - says Dragos Chivu, CEO of DIGI Italy -. We have decided to actively support one of Soul Food Forest Farms' many projects by concretely putting our hands in the earth to plant a new future, sequester carbon, improve livelihoods and the environment. The benefit given by the new trees varies according to the density and function of each system, in which the photosynthetic capacity and therefore the sequestration of CO2 is maximized, for this reason the presence of trees in a city context like that of Milan is crucial".

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