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    In accordance with article 80 of the Legislative Decree 259/2003 and in compliance with the Resolutions no. 19/01/CIR, 78/08/CIR issued by the Italian TLC National Regulatory Authority (AGCOM) and subsequent amendments and supplements, as well as the agreements with the other mobile operators, in case of request of the MNP service towards Digi Italy, Digi Italy will provide on the SIM card any possible residual credit from the previous operator but not yet finished ("Credito Residuo").

    However, the Residual Credit that is ported on the new SIM card is the credit available net of discounts and/or promotions, as well as the costs charged by the Donor Operator in the MNP process. In this regard, the customer shall verify the conditions of contract of the previous operator regarding the residual phone credit and Digi Italy will not be held responsible for possible losses and/or non-recognition of the residual phone credit from the donor operator once the contract with the customer is terminated.

    You can port your number in Digi Italy from any mobile operator. However, when you port in your number, the last 5 figures of your Italian phone number will not be the same as your Romanian one. For more information about number portability, please contact our Customer Service at 4077 (from Digi numbers) or (+39)353 300 4077 (from other mobile operators).

    In case the customer requests the MNP service from Digi Italy to another operator and for the residual phone credit transfer from Digi Italy to another operator (portout), DIGI Italy will check the customer's residual phone credit and will inform the customer about the amount of the residual phone credit, which will be calculated net of discounts and/or promotions, as well as the cost of the MNP service, which amounts to 1 €.

    The customer has the right to ask for his balance to be returned to him instead of being tranferred, according to the "Carta dei Servizi", which can be consulted on our website or by contacting our Customer Service.

    Please keep in mind that if you transfer your Digi Mobil number to another mobile operator, the Italian phone number will be ported while the Romanian one will be cancelled.

    In case you want to port your number from another mobile operator in Digi Italy, please keep in mind that the MNP form must be filled in, signed and sent by fax at 0248405767 or by e-mail at portabilita@digimobil.it. Your request will be taken into consideration starting from the day of reception. Moreover, we will send you a confirmation when we receive your request.