About us

We are a mobile virtual network operator (FULL MVNO) that has been operating on the Italian market since 2010.

Thanks to our prepaid mobile services, we are able to offer our customers different bundles with national and international minutes and data at very competitive prices and supported by the high quality of TIM network.

Our main goal has always been to offer a convenient, flexible and trasparent service. That's why our greatest effort is to always look for the best solutions for our customers, basing our research on their needs and suggestions.

Here are some of the unique benefits that distinguish our services:

-Offers containing minutes to call in Italy and other 56 countries

-Internet rollover

-No activation costs

-Per-second and per-byte charges, without rounding up

-Offers can be used even with zero credit 

-Offers are valid for a whole month and can be reactived several times per month

You can purchase our services in thousands of points of sale throughout the whole country. Moreover, thanks to our Customer Service we always offer our customers all the support they need. 

Digi Mobil Italia belongs and is supported by the RCS&RDS group,  the biggest telecommunications operator in Romania, which provides services in Spain, Hungary and Italy. In addition to mobile and landline phone services, Digi Mobil and Digi Tel, RCS&RDS offers also cable and satellite television (Digi TV) and Internet services (Fiber.link).


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